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Thema: [Track] Kieran J & X-Moon - Essential Dust EP [HYM014]

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Kieran J & X-Moon - Essential Dust EP [HYM014] 19.05.2011 07:14 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Kieran J & X-Moon - Essential Dust EP [HYM014]


Kieran J & X-Moon - Essential Dust EP // Hyline Music [HYM015]
Genre: Techno,Tech-House,Prog-House,
Release Date: May 10 2011
Label: Hyline Music

1 Kieran J & X-Moon - Essential Dust
2 Kieran J & X-Moon - Activate

Release Info:

Kieran J & X-Moon are two up and coming producers who hail from Killarney, Ireland. Kieran's production debut came in April of 2009 on the Italian label PyCairo. Another single and remix followed shortly after before Kieran saw an original and a remix released by the excellent Israeli label Asymmetric. Kieran has a deep and edgy sound that that draws on influences from several genres. X-Moon was born is Albufeira, Portugal but has since relocated to Ireland. He has been DJing since the late 1990s and has performed with an impressive list of international talent that includes: Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath and James Holden. The 'Essential Dust EP' is the 15th release on Carsten Million's Hyline Music imprint and it sees Kieran and X-Moon together for their first collaboration.

'Essential Dust' kicks things off with a magnificent immersed groove that deeply roots the tracks framework. The effortless, glassy atmospherics combined with exceptional vocal elements create a late night hypnotic vibe that is rich with character and undeniable fortitude. The rolling, contagious energy builds in intensity over the course of the track and will leave your dancefloor wanting more.

'Activate' takes on a slightly more classic prog house approach with it's awesome drive and hooky synths. The hypnotic elements and intense atmosphere keep it firmly rooted in today's modern landscape. Shimmering chords fade into the mix and escalate in potency during the drop before a massive climax brings on the thundering groove that should provide a classic hands in the air dancefloor moment.

Presstext: Mitch Alexander
C&P 2011 Hyline Music

Youtube Channel:
Resident Advisor:
Thema: [Track] Relaunch - Mindcrwalers EP

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Relaunch - Mindcrwalers EP 09.05.2011 07:31 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Relaunch - Mindcrawlers EP [HYM014]


Relaunch - Mindcrawlers EP // Hyline Music [HYM014]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: May 02 2011
Label: Hyline Music

1 Relaunch - Mindcrawlers
2 Relaunch - From Dark To Light

German producer Relaunch made his production debut in January of 2010 with his remix of Ozgur Ozkan's 'Wait and Wonder' for Jetlag Digital.

He's been on a constant ascend upwards ever since with a string of remix bombs for Hyline Music, Mistiquemusic and Jetlag Digital. Relaunch has now become one of the most sought after remixers in the pure progressive house scene. His original productions however are few and far between and with only four in the last 15 months the progressive undergound is salivating for new Relaunch material. With that said Carsten Million's Hyline Music is pleased to present Relaunch's first EP of 2011 entitled 'Mindcrawlers'. The title cut gets the EP off to a rocking start. It's stripped to the bone with punishing beats before the airy pads surround you and the razor sharp synths begin tearing the air. Expect to see your dancefloor moving in unison with this incredible infectious force. As the sounds open up the energy sky rockets accordingly towards the breakdown where an unconventional but still highly emotional melodic interlude puts the finishing touches on a gargantuan peak time rocker.

As the second track 'From Light To Dark' gets underway you're hit with a wave of rolling bass, filtered noise and some deadly panning electronics for a truly menacing sound. As the soft rhythmic stabs enter and begin bouncing off each other the groove is both tenacious and dynamic. The drop is laced with soulful vocal wails and heavily processed vocal snips which make way for the ominous yet hope inspiring chords that hover above. Relaunch has really taken it one step further on this EP and reinvented himself to an extent; it's his crowning achievement thus far in an already highly regarded discography.

Presstext: Mitch Alexander
Mastering: Eric Sneo
c&p 2011 Hyline Music

Youtube Channel:
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Thema: [Track] Mac & Monday "Blonde Girls Are Always Better"

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Mac & Monday "Blonde Girls Are Always Better" 19.04.2011 07:43 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Mac & Monday - Blonde Girls Are Always Better EP [HYM011]
featuring remixes from: Eitan Carmi, Mark Junior


Norbert Darvas and David Nemeth are the Hungarian duo that make up the Mac & Monday production team. They first came to our attention with some very strong appearances on Baroque, Armada, Neuroscience and Black Hole but the duo really came into their own with their remix of Aaron Static's 'Ascension' on Jetlag Digital. It was the perfect blend of progressive sensibilities combined with trancey overtones that drew support from Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz. Their new single for Carsten Million's Hyline Music is entitled 'Blonde Girls Are Always Better' and comes with great remixes from Eitan Carmi and Mark Junior.

The original mix is a perfect example of the fresh melodic house sound that is narrowing the gap between the traditional house, progressive and trance genres. A very dancefloor worthy shuffling rhythm, a spacious big room groove mixed with some trance inspired chords make this one of Mac & Monday's most unique productions to date.

Eitan Carmi who is on the cusp of something big in 2011 provides the first remix. Eitan's tightly woven, tough progressive sound has been tearing up dancefloors world wide for the better part of the last year and a half. Here Eitan gives 'Blonde Girls Are Always Better' that extra punch that is needed with his ultra crisp psychedelic inspired production style. It's a sure fire dancefloor number with a lot of intensity and a unique lead that modulates quite unpredictably so expect some major crowd reactions on this one.

Dutch producer Mark Junior makes his debut on Hyline Music with his remix here that closes the package out. Mark takes the lead into trance territory which is accompanied by some lovely airy synths that create a gorgeous atmosphere around it. It's an understated mix with some cool trance sensibilities and an unparalleled celestial vibe, overall is just oozes class and it caps off another great package from Hyline Music.

C&P 2011 Hyline Music
Mastering Track 1&3 by Cid Inc Track 2 by Eitan Carmi
Presstext: Mitch Alexander

Youtube Channel:
Resident Advisor:
Thema: [Compilation] Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler compiled & mixed by Hyline

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Amsterdam Dance Event Sampler compiled & mixed by Hyline 27.10.2010 11:54 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

‎Jetlag Digital has outdone themselves again! For those of you that remember
the excellent Ibiza Sampler which was released back in July we get another
similar package to that here.

Supported by: Solarstone, Armin van Buuren, Jaytech, Ad Brown, Eelke
Kleijn, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Miss Nine, Lemon8
and many many

ADE 2010 Sampler:

ADE 2010 Club Mix:

An absolutely staggering amount of quality music has been compiled for
Jetlag's ADE Sampler, the compilation contains 24 tracks which have all been
hand picked and mixed by Hyline.

ADE 2010 HD-TEASER Video:

There are several former Beatport Top 100 entries here including the
Daniel Portman remix of Plastic Angel's "Try Walking In My
World" and the Weekend Heroes remix of Ticon's classic 'Models
On Cocaine'. The list of producers that make an appearance here is like a
who's who of progressive house and we get a sneak peek at some of the
forthcoming Jetlag Digital material as well! The Relaunch remix of Gai
's upcoming 'Samothrace' and Mac & Monday's 'Blonde Girls Are
Always Better' make an exclusive appearance and both sound spectacular.

ADE 2010 Club Mix TEASER-HD Video:

An excellent 15 track club mix by Hyline in also included here and for anyone
that isn't familar with Hyline's excellent DJ skills you get a high octane mix
with semaless flow and boundless energy. As soon as the rolling bassline from
Dubfunk's 'Les Alps' is dropped at the one minute mark you know this
mix means business straight away. The mix weaves through some
underground smashes like the Cid Inc Remix of Vinayak A's ' Never
Turn your Back' and the Hyline & Jaybeetrax remix of Bastards of Funk &
Sonic Union's 'Mr Walker'. As the energy continues to build the dancefloor
smashes Jean Claude Ades - My Journey (Jerome Isma-Ae
remix) and Plastic Angel - Try walking in my World (Daniel Portman remix) are
dropped to bring the proverbial house down! Hyline closes out the mix with
the fast up and coming Hungarian duo Mac & Monday with their much
anticipated etheral 'Blonde Girls are always Better' forthcoming on Jetlag. An
amazing compilation of tracks and a superb club mix from Hyline.


1 Shane - Zero Gravity
2 Jean Claude Ades - My Journey (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
3 Gai Barone - Samothrace (Relaunch Remix)
4 Plastic Angel - Try Walking In My World (Daniel Portman Remix)
5 Ticon - Models On Cocaine (Weekend Heroes Remix)
6 Mac and Monday - Blonde Girls Are Always Better
7 Raf Fender - Put Your Hands Up 2010
8 Dubfunk - Les Alps
9 Oliver Morgenroth - UBER Menschmaschine
10 Luke Porter - Metropolis (Cid Inc Remix)
11 Wade Bennett - Whispers
12 Walter Fierce and Mark Junior - The Question (Vocal M7 Mix)
13 Cid Inc - Downtime
14 Domased Electronica feat. Venes - Dark and Light (Basil O Glue Remix)
15 dPen and Nick Varon - Our Nature
16 Gosh - Black Heart
17 Mikas feat. Monika - Circles (Extended Mix)
18 Bastards Of Funk and Sonic Union - Mr Walker (Hyline and Jaybeetrax Remix)
19 Vinayak A - Never Turn Your Back (Cid Inc Remix)
20 SQL - Prequel
21 Inkfish - Eden
22 Andy Newland & Oscitone - Jamm (Seb Dhajje Remix)
23 AlterImage - Higher Ground
24 Peres - Blue Horizon

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Track] Aaron Static feat. Dylbert - Ascension EP - Jetlag Digital

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Aaron Static feat. Dylbert - Ascension EP - Jetlag Digital 20.10.2010 07:45 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

The 140th release on Jetlag Digital cames from a man that should need
no introduction to all the Jetlag fans out there. This marks Aaron Static's
fourth appearance on the label and 'Acension' is his first single for them.


Aaron Static is part of something that we should all be refering to as the
"new school Australian progressive mafia" as there is quite an uprising of
talent there at the moment.

Aaron's original mix is a classy slice of smooth progressive house. The
guitar in the breakdown is really amazing and a great showcase of
musicality. When things all come together after the breakdown the results
are really spectacular, layers of airy pads and synths take center stage
for an understated euphoric finale, classy stuff from Aaron Static.

The first remix is supplied by the Russian producer Atrium Sun who's
previous productions have appeared on Mistique and Deepsessions. His
interpretation is a more light-hearted club friendly approach and certainly
packs a lot of dancefloor punch with it's over all bounce and poppy
percussion. The lead guitar is used to great effect and a few extra
melodic bits have been added as well for an all round solid mix.

The final mix on the package is by the relatively new Hungarian
producers Mac & Monday who have racked up a rather impressive
discography since hitting the scene a year ago. Blackhole, Armada,
Neuroscience and Dedicated are are labels on their resume and Markus
Schulz and Armin Van Buuren have been regular supporters of their
tunes. Their remix here is another fine outing and has already earned
support from Markus Schulz, Matt Darey, Miss Nine and has been at or
near the top of the Release Promo Hype Charts for many weeks now. Mac
& Monday have created a very chunky floor-filling interpretation with a
great etherel vibe, this really is proper progressive house and it closes
the package off on a very strong note! Watch out of this duo's new single
"Blonde Girls Are Always Better" which is due out on Jetlag as well!
Release Promo Hype Chart #2

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Album] Shane - Departure - Artist Album

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Shane - Departure - Artist Album 06.10.2010 08:00 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Shane - Departure - JED137 // Artist Album


Release Info:
After more than 17 years of deeyaing, touring and producing presents Shane
his first Album called Departure on his own label Jetlag Digital. He spend
around a year to create a wonderful Album with 10 single Club Tracks plus
the Album as a continuous DJ Mix.

A reflection between studio, airport, flights and club, what was part of
Shane's life the past years. It's a Mix out of progressive influences from
around the globe, with 3 of his best Remixes he did for Tropical Highlight
(Brasil), Felix Stone (USA) and Harley Augustine (Australia).

Another highlight is the co-lab with Oliver Morgenroth (Germany), the result
was a massive tune, a fusion out of Shane and Oliver's unique style of
Progressive House!

So take your Bording-Pass and have a pleasant fly with Jetlag Digital Airlines!


Dibby Dougherty (Yello Resident/Baroque/Audiotherapy)departure is deadly
Jerome Isma-Ae (Ministry Of Sound / Armada / Black Hole / Ultra / Jee Production)will check.
Solarstone (Solaris)downloading for solarstone
Dave Seaman Departure & Zero Gravity are good
Gai Barone (Afterglow, Armada)my fav shane and morgenroth coop.....amazing!! continental fusion is nice too!!
Taucher (producer dj moderator)overall high quality progressive music! well done!
X-ian Zero Gravity for me! Thanks
Pole Folder (Bedrock, Reworck)downloading Zero Gravity. Thank you fröhlich
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings)very nice package
Dyno (Hell Yeah, 1605, Dyrwalk)GOOD JOB SHANE!!!!...Support!!!!!
Eelke Kleijn (Outside the Box / GU / Manual)like zero gravity!
and many more!

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Track] Hyline & Jaxbeetrax - Goosebumps EP

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Hyline & Jaxbeetrax - Goosebumps EP 29.07.2010 10:18 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Hyline & Jaybeetrax - Goosebumps // Spring Tube [SPR013]
Genre: Tech-House,Prog-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Jul 26 2010
Label: Spring Tube

Release Info:

Hyline & Jaybeetrax - Goosebumps (incl. Pacco & Rudy B, Artie Flexs, Andrez, East Sunrise remixes)

Spring Tube's 13th release comes from the German duo Hyline & Jaybeetrax. A&R
manager of the well known Jetlag Digital - Hyline and his friend Jaybeetrax started
working as a production duo recently, but in a short time have already made a great
name for themselves with many successful releases, not only under the Jetlag's wing,
but also on such labels as Babylon, AlterImage, BIT Records Mexico, Workout and they
have signed one of their tracks to the legendary Baroque Records. This duo delivers us
their new track "Goosebumps", which combines in itself tech-prog-tribal house
elements and nice playful melodic parts.

On remix duties this time we have Pacco & Rudy B from Croatia (Proton,
Baroque, Polythechnic, Monad, Balkan Connection, A Must Have), who
previously have pleased us with great remix on one of our releases, further -
our resident artist Artie Flexs from Latvia (Lost My Dog, Polytechnic, Bashi),
Andrez from Bulgaria (Armada, Enhanced, No Smoking, Kansak, Balkan
Connection, BIT Records Mexico, Seaburn) and label mates East Sunrise from
Russia (Armada, Inkfish, Particles, Mistique, SnoochiBoochi, Bashi).

Five different versions on every taste. Check them out! Augenzwinkern

HD Video:

Some of the feedbacks/supports that we receive from well known DJs/producers:

Matt Darey (Noctural / Armada / Songbird)
Support for Original : 7/10

Sandra Collins (Perfecto / Thrive / Lightrhythms)
Support for Original : "Really nice energy, will play it" - 7/10

d-phrag (Frisky Radio)
Support for East Sunrise remix : "Stellar work, simply put" - 9/10

Hypnotic Duo (Mistique / Jetlag Digital / Carica / Deepsessions / Panda
| Pure FM)
Support for Andrez remix : "Great bassline!" - 10/10

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto / Baroque / Lost Angeles / Polytechnic / Inkfish
/ Source Of Gravity / Curvve / Dissident | DI FM / Proton Radio)
This is a very well put together package with the modern DJ in mind.
Something for everyone here, from the deep melodic progressive to the
techier sounds of house. My favorite is the Pacco & Rudy B, perfect meeting
point between the two.

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | Global DJ Broadcast)
will give these a try

Chloe Harris (Further / Proton / Mashtronic / Brown Eyed Boyz / Maktub / Jetlag Digital / Bellarine | Proton Radio)

Johan Nilsson (DI FM | Progressive Channel)
Nice stuff! Will support in our progressive channel

This release is also featured release on Beatport Genre Progressive House:

Thema: [Track] Faskil - Core Dumped EP incl. Stefan Anion & Relaunch Rmx

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Faskil - Core Dumped EP incl. Stefan Anion & Relaunch Rmx 22.07.2010 10:59 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Faskil - Core Dumped EP incl. Stefan Anion & Relaunch Remixes - JED125

He may live in Paris, but don’t call him French. Journalist by day, DJ/producer by night, Faskil (Jean-Christophe Detrain) hails from none other than the culture-rich Belgium.

There are no superhero tales to tell of a “child star” or “ wonderkid”, but if you have to be born with the talent, then perhaps it took Faskil a little while to realise what great potential was about to be unleashed when he started to tinker with his toys. Faskil has gained legions of hardcore fans worldwide in recent years. With some amazing original productions, remixes and bootlegs it's not hard to see why. His 'Silly Waffles' Show on friskyRadio has been one of the stations most popular shows over the last 2 years.

With 'Core Dumped' he makes is original production debut on Jetlag Digital. A massive, bouncy progressive anthem with squelchy snyths that leads to a supremely epic breakdown with melodies and key changes to die for. A rock solid breakbeat section takes centre stage in the break that is sure to have your dancefloor moving in unison with their hands in the air. One of Faskil's best original productions to date.


The remixes are provided by Stefan Anion and Relaunch. Stefan Anion deliver's the most modern and accessable mix on the package with a much funkier bottom end and an over all groovier feel while still retaining some of the melodic brilliance of the original. Relaunch has quickly jumped to the top of many people's fave artists list of 2010 and his remix here is perfect evidence why. Pure, energetic, pumping progressive house with tough, stomping beats geared for primetime dancefloor action. Jetlag Digital can do no wrong at the moment!

Listen here to the full release and see the full feedback:


Dibby Dougherty (Yello//Baroque)
Stefans mix for me, tight work, love the acid licks

Luke Porter (microCastle, Mango Alley, Tribal Vision)
Original is great - Faskil always delivers. Also like Stefan's mix too.

Johan Nilsson (DI.FM Radio)
Enjoying all 3 versions actually. They all bring something of their own to it. Will support them all in our progressive Channel

Jerome Isma-Ae (Ministry Of Sound / Armada / Black Hole / Ultra / Jee Productions)
org for me

Gai Barone (Afterglow, Armada)
I like it...Anion remix is for me...and the original too...

Miss Nine (Armada, Black Hole, Yoshitoshi)
original mix

Markus Schulz
very nice package, thanks.

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Compilation] Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 compiled by Hyline

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20.07.2010 10:10 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

This release is also featured Release on Beatport Genre Progressive House:

Hyline fröhlich
Thema: [Compilation] Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 compiled by Hyline

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Jetlag Digital Ibiza Sampler 2010 compiled by Hyline 15.07.2010 09:44 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Various Artists - Ibiza Sampler 2010 (Jetlag Digital)
featuring: Lemon8, Shane, Hyline & Jaybeetrax, Oliver Moldan, Peter Martin

A massive project for the Jetlag Digital crew sees it's release this week. A
total of 28 tracks and 2 full 90 minute mixes all compiled and put together
by Hyline. The individual tracks available for download here are simply
staggering. Some of the finest moments from Jetlag's recent catalog as
well as some exclusive never before released remixes and forthcoming
material as well. Some standouts from the unreleased material include
the Lemon8 remix of Oliver Molden's Nocturn, Peter Martin's Remix of
Relaunch's 'Clear View', Def Digital's remix of Felix Stone's 'In This World'
and the Hyline & Jaybeetrax remix of Raf Fender's 'Beat Hunter'.

Hyline's two DJ mixes here are absolutely incredible, there is a 'Club Mix'
and a 'Beach Mix' to choose from. The club mix really typifies the Jetlag
sound quite well, dark, driving progressive house that is made for the
dancefloor. After the groove of the mix is firmly in place some melodies
are brought into the mix to really send the proceedings into overdrive. A
real take no prisoners approach and amazing energy throughout the mix,
the highlight for us on this mix is Hypnotic Duo's 'Eeeah' with it's perfect
club groove, this track enjoyed a lengthy stay in Beatport's top 100 so if
you missed it the first time it is also available for individual download on
this massive pack!

Hyline's 'Beach Mix' is exactly that, perfect for a seaside atmosphere but
make no mistake also a club dancefloor. This mix starts of with a bit of a
deeper vibe and then at around the 12 minute mark you begin to hear the
magic happen. Beautiful melodies and gorgeous atmospheres begin
fading into the mix and your senses immediately elevate. The transitions
between tracks are silky smooth and mixed to perfection by Hyline. It's
clear that he is led by pure emotion as classy vocals make their way into
the mix the euphoria and good vibes are sky high. It's also very evident
from listening to these two mixes that Jetlag as a label and also Hyline as
a DJ have found a nice middle ground between the darker more european
progressive sounds and the more accessible melodic house sound which
is one of many reasons Jetlag's stock is rising at an alarming rate in 2010!

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Track] Kostya Veter - Loneliness EP

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Kostya Veter - Loneliness EP 11.05.2010 07:57 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Kostya Veter - Loneliness EP (Jetlag Digital)
featuring a remixes from: Aaron Static & Relaunch

The 112th release on Germany's finest Jetlag Digital comes from a young and
relatively new producer on the scene. Konstantin Ilin otherwise known as
Kostya Veter was born in 1985 and is from Russia.

So far in his young production career he has appeared on Dangerbox, Time
Fusion and Shah-Music. He makes his first appearance on Jetlag Digital with
his Loneliness EP that comes with remixes from Relaunch & Aaron
who are two of the most up and coming, talented producers
around at the moment.

Kostya Veter's original mix is a peaceful and serene progressive track
that flows so well and has a great atmosphere about it. Aaron Static's mix
turns things up a notch with a synth driven melodic prog trancer, great
key changes give the mix a very classic progressive feel coupled with a very
emotional breakdown that should create many great dancefloor moments
over the coming summer months.

Youtube Video:

Relaunch has quickly become one of the greatest production finds
over recent months and here he delivers two very fine interpretations. First
his 'Summer Breeze' Mix keeps things nice and smooth with a deep
rolling bassline and some great guitar hooks in the breakdown before it all
comes together with soaring melodies and epic key changes after the
breakdown, this ones a big progressive anthem no doubt. His 'Progressive
follows the same path for the first half and then keeps things more
refined following the breakdown for those wished to keep the vibe a bit
deeper and more low key. Two fine options from Relaunch nontheless and
another fine offering from the Jetlag Digital crew!

Youtube Channel:
Thema: [Track] Oliver Moldan - Nocturn EP

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Oliver Moldan - Nocturn EP 04.05.2010 12:37 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Oliver Moldan - Nocturn EP (Jetlag Digital)
featuring a remix from: Hyline & Jaybeetrax

A huge release from Jetlag Digital this week comes from Oliver Moldan.

Support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Dibby Dougherty, Lemon8 / Harry Lemon,
Jondi & Spesh, Jerome Robins, Derek Howell, Jon Sinclair, Nick Stoynoff,
HypnoticDuo, Kaspar Kochker, Blinky, dPen.

Oliver Moldan is well known throughout the dance music industry for
his top notch productions on: Audio Therapy, Faith, Baroque, Hope and Armada.

Oliver Moldan`s original mix is a clubby hypnotic house track with some interesting
vocal snips and a perfect modern day club groove which would be very
accessible to the cooler or even more mainstream club dancefloors out there.

Youtube Video:

The lone remix on this package comes from Jetlag Digital`s own Hyline and
his studio partner Jaybeetrax
. This duo was responsible for the dancefloor
smash `Sexbomb`which appeared on Baroque`s Workout Records.

Their Nocturn Remix adds a great alternative to the package with a funky
tech house groove, nice tribally percussion and a quite devastating kick. The
mix flows and rides really well and never loses it`s cool groove.

Watch for more tracks from Hyline & Jaybeetrax in the upcoming months on:
AlterImage, Spring Tube and Kansak!

Youtube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:
Thema: [Track] [JED109] Raf Fender - Music 4 Ever EP

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[JED109] Raf Fender - Music 4 Ever EP 15.04.2010 08:59 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Raf Fender- Music 4 Ever EP (Jetlag Digital)
featuring a remix from: Joy Marquez

new Jetlag Digital! Release 109 from Jetlag Digital sees Raf Fender return to
the label with his 'Music 4 Ever EP'.


Raf Fender has appeared on Jetlag Digital twice in the past with his High
Pressure EP and a great remix of Oliver Morgenroth's 40 Waves.

Music 4 Ever is a tough dancefloor stomper with a really cool quirky
synth lead and a memorable robot voice. Joy Marquez turns in a
funkier housey interoretation and the second original on the EP 'Lost In
is as you would expect a dark big room progressive anthem.

Jerome Robins feedback probably says it best "Digweed Twilo material
back in the day no doubt!"
Support also coming from Darin Epsilon, Ben Coda, Lemon8, Kassey Voorn, Hypnotic Duo, Sasha Le Monnier and Xaric.

Youtube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:
Thema: [Track] [JED108] Relaunch - Eliptique EP

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12.04.2010 09:04 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

The Track Relaunch - Clear View is featured into the 10 must hear Track Progressive House week 15
Thema: [Track] [JED108] Relaunch - Eliptique EP

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[JED108] Relaunch - Eliptique EP 08.04.2010 13:34 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Relaunch - Eliptique EP (Jetlag Digital)
featuring: Eliptique, Sunset Beach, Clear View

Inspired by the legendary Dorian-Gray parties at the Frankfurt Airport DJ Relaunch started to get interested in all kinds of electronic music in the early 90’s. While going to many different clubs and events he began to find his way, created his own style and his excellent touch for tunes. He brings together trance with progressive beats and fingerprints his tracks that way. Starting at zero from being a passionate party clubber he went to DJing and then to producing with a high creative output .

His EP here for Jetlag Digital's 108th release contains his first original productions to ever be released! His only previous productions were fine remixes of Shane's "Continental Fusion" and Ozgur Ozkan's "Wait and Wonder".

Youtube Video:

Eliptique is one of the most gorgeous progressive tracks yet this year with it's supremely blissed out breakdown which is well over 2 minutes in length. The track is driven by perfect loud puntchy beats and an amazing atmosphere and presence. Sunset Beach has a dark, sinister vibe, eerie vocals snips and unreal sound design with an overall ominous atmosphere which makes for a great tune for building anticipation. "Clear View" is as equally impressive as the previous two tracks as well.

The quality of all three tracks here is really amazing and certainly the best Original artist EP yet this year on Jetlag Digital. Relaunch is definitely a talent to keep an eye on for 2010 - word has it that he's currently remixing a Faskil tune for an upcoming release on Jetlag Digital!

Youtube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:
Thema: [Track] [JED107] Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher incl. Jerome Robins Rmx

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[JED107] Sonifunk & NSL - Lifted Higher incl. Jerome Robins Rmx 07.04.2010 09:54 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Lifted Higher is a co-op between Ukraine born, but Israel based Andy Jakovlev
and danish Lars Knudsen (No Sonic Limits).

Also BEATPORT featured Progressive House Release week14:

Both have seen their fair share of releases on various
labels (Tribal Vision, Organic Records, Iono Music, Sub Machine,
Di:Lemma/Warner Music etc.) under their many different guises: Sonify,
ProSect, Sound Field, Mindfly & Tom Dawn; with the most noted
release being Andy's former project Sonify having had a 12" released on
Baroque Records (Threshold Productions & Sonify 'No More Silence' -
2005). 'No More Silence' made it to the top place at the BBC Radio 1
"Buzz Chart", picked by iDJ magazine as a "track of the month" and
played by the biggest DJ’s on the house scene.

'Lifted Higher' was originally released on the debut-album of Andy's Sound
Field-moniker ('Audio Surfin'' - Oxygen Records 2007); but Jetlag Digital
wasn't late to say yes, when offered to re-release the track.


Now Jetlag Digital has even taken the track one step further and is delivering
a 2-part EP. This is part one which contains the original and a new Jerome
Robins mix.
Jerome Robins has transformed the track into a modern day
melodic progressive anthem with a very spacious big room feel, positive
energy and great atmosphere that is sure to get loads of plays over the
coming summer months. Keep an eye out for part 2 with remixes from Ben
Coda, Phrakture and Airillusions!

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Thema: [Track] Shane - Continental Fusion EP

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Shane - Continental Fusion EP 23.03.2010 10:29 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Release #106 on Jetlag Digital comes from none other than label boss
himself Shane! This is Shane's 12th appearance on his own imprint,
the last one came with his great remix of Ozgur Ozkan's 'Wait and Wonder' on
Jetlag 98.

Listen here Beatport Exclusive:

1.) Continental Fusion - Original Mix
2.) Continental Fusion - Relaunch Remix
3.) Continental Fusion - Kay-D Remix
4.) Continental Fusion - Loquai Remix

The 'Continental Fusion EP' is one of the most well received Jetlag
Digital releases yet this year, the Relaunch remix was in the top 10 of
the Release Promo Hype chart in just a matter of days after it's upload!

Shane's original mix is a bassey big room progressive with really nice
meandoring atmospherics and great sounds throughout. The Relaunch remix
sounds like something Digweed would have dropped during the Delta Heavy
days, serious beats and a killer bassline with great melodies but not too over
the top.

The Kay-D remix keeps a very similar vibe to the Relaunch mix
and LoQuai brings the energy up even more with a full on key changing
main room stormer. Jetlag is really growing with each release at the moment
making each upcoming release that much more anticipated.

Support by: Dave Seaman,Embliss,Harry Lemon,Darin Epsilon and many more

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Thema: [Track] Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part2

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Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part2 11.03.2010 13:35 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

The first of 2 great Jetlag releases over the last week. Part 2 of
Lacondon's Moma Robinja EP sees a great set of mixes from Kliment, Rezo
& Emannuel and CJ Art.

Kliment's mix is a dark and intricate interpretation complete with... a massive rolling bassline and some very fresh psychedelic sounds. Rezo & Emannuel deliver a great melodic mix with a distinct european underground feel and gorgeous breakdown, awesome beats in this mix give it loads of dancefloor energy. Lastly CJ Art follows a great remix on frisky with a dark version complete with tough beats and a serious atmosphere that caps off one of the best Jetlag releases this year.

Youtube Video:

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Thema: [Track] Oliver Morgenroth - Dreamrunner incl. Dyno Remix

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Oliver Morgenroth - Dreamrunner incl. Dyno Remix 09.03.2010 10:26 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

The 104th release on Jetlag Digital comes from one of the labels primary artists: Oliver Morgenroth. Including Oliver's Dreamrunner EP he has appeared on Jetlag 14 total times and the relationship is only growing stringer with another fine release here.

Out Now at Beatport exclusive:

Oliver's Dreamrunner original is some great forward thinking cutting edge dance music with amazing composition and production. The vibe here is definitely dark and twisted and it's one that Jetlag certainly has a strangle hold on at the moment. DYNO's mix continues with the murky vibe but strips the track down for an overall techier feel. Support from: Jay Tripwire, Chloe Harris, Jerome
Robins and Kassey Voorn.

Youtube Videos:


Dyno Remix:!v=ZaxmeT_ZnNs&feature=related

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Thema: [Track] Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass EP

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Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass EP 22.02.2010 10:43 Forum: New Releases & Reviews

Nir Mizrahi - Saved Your Ass EP
featuring remixes by: Stefan Anion & Aaron Static

early major support by:

Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast, Coldharbour Recordings, Armada)

Derek Howell (MasterLux Co., Proton, microCastle, Outside The Box, GU, Hope, Bedrock MasterLux on Proton Radio)

Jerome Robins (Perfecto, Stereo, NY Love, Bedrock, Nervous, Play Digital, Little Mountain, Curvve, Boa Nightclub)

MORE FEEDBACK can you find here:

no. 2 @Release Promo Hype Charts (2010/02/22)

Listen Here:

1. Saved Your Ass (Original Mix)
2. Saved Your Ass (Stefan Anion's Second Chance Mix)
3. Saved Your Ass (Aaron Static Remix)

Youtube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:
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